How can I apply styles to a label whose checkbox is checked using only CSS?

Tags: html,css,css3,checkbox,styles

Problem :

Let's say I have a basic webpage:


Now let's say that I want the label text to be red when it's unchecked and blue when it's checked. How would I do this? I want something as basic as the following. Here, I use a hypothetical operator "<", which would mean "has the child", but of course it won't work, as there's no such operator:


Everything but the theoretical "<" is valid CSS, which makes me wonder if there's a real way to achieve this behavior. Does anyone know of a valid CSS 3 (or lower version) way to style a label based on the state of its checkbox, without using JavaScript?

Solution :

You shouldn't be putting the input field within the label.

Since the contents of the label appear after the checkbox, just make your HTML this way:

    <INPUT TYPE=checkbox ID="THE_CHECKBOX"/> 
    <LABEL ID="THE_LABEL" FOR="THE_CHECKBOX">Blue when checked!</LABEL>


And then use this CSS:

    color: red;

    color: blue;

Live demo

The + is a sibling selector. It is not supported by IE8 and below.

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