How to combine 2 SASS functions as they do almost the same thing just using a different calculation?

Tags: css,sass

Problem :

I was wondering if someonce could advise me on how I could combine the SASS functions below, basically they do the same thing but one is used specifically for IE so having 2 is a waste. I've tried adding if..else statements with an additional parameter like if ( $property == 'ie' ) but with no success.


// To use width, margin, padding...
@function percentageWidth( $elementWidth, $containerWidth ){
  @return $elementWidth/$containerWidth * 100%;

// To use *width ie6/7 workarounds
@function iePercentageWidth( $elementWidth, $containerWidth ){
  @return $elementWidth/$containerWidth - 0.5/$containerWidth * 100%;

Current CSS:

width: percentageWidth( 214,945 );
*width: iePercentageWidth( 214,945 );

I would also like to use this function on things like:

margin: percentageWidth( 23,945 );

Solution :

Here's a general mixin you can use to create a pair of properties:

@mixin ieprop($name, $elementWidth, $containerWidth) {
   #{$name}: percentageWidth($elementWidth, $containerWidth);
   *#{$name}: iePercentageWidth($elementWidth, $containerWidth);

You pass the property name as the first parameter, like so:

.cls {
  @include ieprop('width', 214, 945);
  @include ieprop('margin', 23, 945);

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