Background image cut off outside of item. How can I make it show?

Tags: css,html-lists,background-image

Problem :

I have a background image that is positioned correctly on the background of a ul li item.

I want to position it just off the edge of the lime container, however when I do position it correctly it cuts off any part of the image not inside the container.

How can I make it show even if it is outside the container, and not cut off like this?

enter image description here

Desired result

enter image description here


body ul#main_navigation li li:hover > a, body ul#main_navigation li li.over > a
     background-position: 197px 12px;
     background-color: #0F0;
     color: #FFF;

Solution :

You cannot have a background-image protrude from any element. You could use a span attached to the element, or attach the background image to the element next to it, giving the illusion that it is part of the original element.

Personally I would use a span with a background image inside the element positioned to sit outside of the div.

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