How to show the first N elements of a block and hide the others in css?

Tags: css,css3,pseudo-class,css-selectors

Problem :

I am trying to hide the first 3 elements having the class .row inside the block .container.

What I'm doing is hiding all the .row first, and then I am trying to display the first 3 .row by using .row:nth-child(-n+3)

jsfiddle here:

I have two problems here:

  1. Row 3 is not displayed, am I using nth-child in the wrong way?
  2. Is there a better practice than hiding everything and then creating a specific rule to display the n first elements that I want? Is there a way in css to just display the first 3 .row and then hide all the other .row ?


Solution :

  1. You have a .notarow as the first child, so you have to account for that in your :nth-child() formula. Because of that .notarow, your first .row becomes the second child overall of the parent, so you have to count starting from the second to the fourth:


    Updated fiddle

  2. What you're doing is fine.

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