How to specify different Css for different Mobiles (BB, Iphone, Nexus… )


Problem :

I am currently developing a mobile web application in and jQuery + jQm that will be used on handheld devices. I want to be able to specify a theme for Blackberry, one for Google Nexus and one for IPhone, and not just this ones.

Is there any way I could specify a theme for each one in CSS3? Can you please point out what to do in this case. Also I want that when I rotate screen to keep the design in place for all the devices above.

I am currently experimenting with this :

@media screen and (orientation:landscape) and (max-width: 819px) 

but I am open for other approaches also.


Solution :

You can either check the browser user agent by using javascript or through server-side code.

I recommend this mobile phone detector

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