How to make an element with fixed position relative to its parent, not the whole screen?

Tags: css

Problem :

I run into situation that when user scroll down, a part of the sidebar gets fixed position, however when I catch the position and apply fixed css to the sidebar element, it gets fixed to whole screen, not just the parent (which is sidebar)

how do I setup this correctly?

Solution :

First Understand Positioning:

Fixed Positioning OR [ position:fixed ]

An element with fixed position is positioned relative to the browser window.

Relative Positioning OR [ position:relative ]

A relative positioned element is positioned relative to its normal position.

Absolute Positioning OR [ position:absolute ]

An absolute position element is positioned relative to the first parent element that has a position other than static.

So in your case your parent div should have position:relative and your child div should have position:absolute instead of position:fixed

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