How do you modify wordpress css for posts?

Tags: html,css,wordpress,css3

Problem :

So, Im using to run my blog. I have paid for the upgrade with custom css. Now I want to change the formatting of posts that are on the front page. Ive been using the "inspect element" on Chrome, simular to Firebug, to see what class everything has and changing the CSS.

Its been pretty easy other than the posts. Each post, apparently has its own class.

my latest post is of class="post-190"

However, the post before it is class="post-188" etc... How do you write a CSS to include all of the post-##

Solution :

You can use these attribute selectors

an element whose "class" attribute has a hyphen-separated list of values beginning (from the left) with "post"

an element whose "class" attribute value begins exactly with the string "post"


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