How to make IE respect max AND min-width [duplicate]

Tags: html,css,internet-explorer

Problem :

Possible Duplicate:
How to make IE support min-width / max-width CSS properties?

I have a site that has it's main navigation in a list (floated left).

The li elements need to have a min AND max width. This css of course works fine in all good browsers. But IE (9) doesn't react to it.

    ul.dropdown li {
            line-height: normal;
                    text-align: center;
            max-width: 145px;
            min-width: 88px;
            min-height: 30px;

If I use this code on one condition, for example max width IE respects it.

But of course I can't use the same for min-width.

I need a solution that IE respects max AND min width.

Is there a solution?

Thank You!

edit: I forgot to mention i already added

<!DOCTYPE html>


Solution :

Ok, I found the problem. It wasn`t in the code, my IE just automatically switched into Quirks mode. Changed it by going in the console (F12) and changed the Document Mode to IE9!

Thank You!

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