How to bind Menus and submenus apply css using Jquery?

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Problem :

i have data in sting values in html format how to apply css and jquery styles

 public class Menus
        public List<Menus> GetALL { get; set; }  
            public int menuId { get; set; }
            public string menuName { get; set; }
            public string menuURL { get; set; }
            public int parentId { get; set; }
    public class MenuModel
        public MenuItemsEntities objEntities = new MenuItemsEntities();

        public string GetMenu()
            //Get MainMenu Menus       
            Menus menuobj = new Menus();            
            var objmenu = from menus in objEntities.MenuItems
                          where menus.ParentId == 0
                          select menus;

            string strMenuBuild = string.Empty;
            strMenuBuild += "<ul>";
            foreach (var i in objmenu)
                menuobj.menuName = i.ItemName;
                menuobj.menuId = i.MenuItemsID;
                menuobj.menuURL = i.URL;
                if (i.ParentId == 0)
                    strMenuBuild = strMenuBuild + "<li><a href='" + menuobj.menuURL + "'>" + menuobj.menuName + "</a><ul>";
                    strMenuBuild += GetSubMenu(Convert.ToInt32(menuobj.menuId)) + "</ul></li>";
                    //strMenuBuild  += "</ul></li>";
            strMenuBuild += "</ul>";
            return strMenuBuild;
        public string GetSubMenu(int submenuid)
            string strSubBuild = string.Empty;
            Menus menuobj = new Menus();    
            var submenu=   from menus in objEntities.MenuItems
                          where menus.ParentId == submenuid
                          select menus;           
            if (submenu.Count() > 0)
                foreach (var sbmnu in submenu)                
                    menuobj.menuURL = sbmnu.URL;
                    menuobj.menuName = sbmnu.ItemName;
                    menuobj.menuId = sbmnu.MenuItemsID;

                    strSubBuild = strSubBuild + "<li ><a href='" + menuobj.menuURL + "'>" + menuobj.menuName + "</a>";

                    var submneu1 = from menus in objEntities.MenuItems
                                   where menus.ParentId == menuobj.menuId 
                                   select menus;

                    if (submneu1.Count() > 0)
                        strSubBuild += "<ul>";
                        strSubBuild += GetSubMenu(Convert.ToInt32(menuobj.menuId));
                        strSubBuild += "</ul>";  
                    strSubBuild += "</li>";
            return strSubBuild;

I have return to String In Html formate like that

  • Menu's Apperals
    • Shirts
    • T Shirts
      • H3SubMenu1
    • Jeans
      • P1Submenu1
      • P2SubMenu2
    • Trousers
    • SportsWear
  • Women'sMenu' Apperals
    • Sarees
    • Dress
    • Trousers
  • Mobiles
    • MobilePhones
    • Tablets
    • Memorycards
    • Bluetooths
  • Jewellerry
    • Earrings
    • Rings
    • Chains
    • KidsJwellery

But am bind the Menus and submenus .i want appy the css and to apply Css and jquery i dont know .can any one help me please..

Solution :

This is the function I use to build up my menu structure:

var buildMenu = function(menu, el) {
    var ul = $('<ul></ul>');
        for(var i in menu) {
            var menuItem = $('<li><a href="' + menu[i].url + '">' + menu[i].title + '</a></li>');
            if(menu[i].subMenu) {
                buildMenu(menu[i].subMenu, menuItem);

menu being th JSON object that contains the menu and el being the div or containing element to insert the menu into.

My Menu object has the following format:

var menu : [{
    title   : 'Home',
    url     : 'Default.html'
}, {
    title   : 'Groups',
    url     : '#',
    subMenu : [{
        title   : 'Group1',
        url     : 'Group1.html'
        title   : 'Group2',
        url     : 'group2.html'

Hope that helps

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