How to get css properties set explicitly via the style attribute? [closed]

Tags: javascript,css

Problem :

How do I find all the css properties set explicitly via the style attribute?

Solution :

Let's say you wanted to get the styles of an element named "myp":

var stylez = document.getElementById("myp").style;
var ix;
for (ix = 0;  ix < stylez.length;  ++ix) {
    console.log(stylez.item(ix) + ": " + stylez.getPropertyValue(stylez.item(ix)));

Working JSFiddle here produces output:

font-weight: bold

Only the info in style is output, even though a class sets a font size and a CSS directly applies a background color.

You could also read the style attribute text and parse it yourself, which is less accurate but if you wanted to include invalid statements you'd need this.

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