how to achieve the moving sparking effect with css and javascript as in footer

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Problem :

Here if you hover the mouse on any of the links (i.e. 'The Bookshelf' link)in the footer, you get a tad sparking effect moving leftward.

I tried with firebug but could not make any clue as to how that is achieved.

Suppose I consider the always-showing white border (?) to be a single parent div, and the sparking divs to be individual ones inside that. Then when the mouse-hover takes place, jquery is supposed to be used to apply background color or border for the child divs in left order . Even then the situation arises that those child divs make the height of the parent div greater than the that of the children contrary to what is apparent in the url.

For the test scenario, I used a parent div ( class_1 ) and one child div ( class_2 ) instead of many: html:

<div class="class_1">
<div class="class_2"></div><!--end of class_2 -->

</div><!-- end of class class_1 -->



margin:0 auto;

border:2px solid red;


margin:0 auto;
border:1px solid green;


What should be the proper way?

Solution :


It's achieved using CSS only - a background gradient that is then transitioned on the hover of the parent a tag - the background-position is the property that gives it the illusion of sparkles.

<ul class="link-list">
  <li><a href="#">Link one<span></span></a></li>
  <li><a href="#">Link two<span></span></a></li>
  <li><a href="#">Link three<span></span></a></li>

Take note of the empty span's inside of the links.

This is the transition CSS that does the magic: (note you'll need to use browser prefixes for the transition property, like -moz- and -o- - they are present in the fiddle above but for readability and brevity I omitted them below)

.link-list a:hover>span, .link-list a:focus>span {
    background-position: -100% 0;
    transition: background 0.4s;

​The benefits of doing transitions with CSS are vast - it's things like:

  • progressive enhancement (the sparkle effect isn't necessary to page function, so it's purely an aesthetic feature and won't slow down browsers that don't recognise it)

  • CSS transitions are hardware accelerated, and generally smoother than JS animations

  • removes strain on javascript engines

Read more: Is there any advantage to using CSS animations over jQuery animations? (performance, or otherwise)

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