How to style the tick mark checkbox using css without using images?

Tags: html,css,css3,checkbox

Problem :

Is there any way to style the tick mark checkbox only by using HTML and CSS3 without using images, like in Google's signin page?

Solution :

You can accomplish this by using a combination of HTML, CSS and jQuery. See the code I whipped up here to create a checkbox from an <a> tag and style it with CSS.

I've tested this code and it works beautifully in Chrome, FF, & IE 7-10. Haven't tested Safari or Opera...

Just make sure you nest your <a> checkbox tag in <form> tags, give it an ID, a class of "checkbox", and hashtag HREF. In essence:

    <form action="#" method="get">

    <a class="checkbox" id="myCheckbox" href="#"></a>


    <a class="checkbox checked" id="myCheckbox" href="#"></a>


Let me know how that goes for you.

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