CSS how to align group of elements horizontally?

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css

Problem :

I'm having trouble aligning a paragraph element with a group of button elements. I'm using jQuery and CSS to try and do this.

Here is what I see:

enter image description here

And ideally I would like them all to be on the same horizontal line at the top of the screen, to avoid wasting pixel real-estate as I am. So have the DesignName text then immediately to the right of it in a line have the buttons.

Here is how the elements are being added in code:

var theDiv = $("#theDiv");

theDiv.append('<div id="buttonMenuDiv"></div>');

var buttonDiv = $("#buttonMenuDiv");
buttonDiv.append('<p id="DesignName" class="DesignName">DesignName</p>');
buttonDiv.append('<input type="button" id="MainMenu" value="Main Menu" >');
buttonDiv.append('<input type="button" id="NewModule" value="New Module" >');
buttonDiv.append('<input type="button" id="SearchDesigns" value="Search Designs" >');
buttonDiv.append('<input type="button" id="DesignDescription" value="Design Description" >');
buttonDiv.append('<input type="button" id="SaveWork" value="Save Work" >');
buttonDiv.append('<input type="button" id="PackageDesign" value="Package Design" >');
buttonDiv.append('<input type="button" id="Tutorial" value="Tutorial" >');

The "DesignName" class just specifies font attributes (size, color) so I didn't include it. Thanks for any help.

(Having some EDITING trouble with the single quotes in the append() calls)

Solution :

#theDiv * {

Just make the elements inline instead of block.


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