How to set css style to button?


Problem :

I have a asp:Button, I used css styles with cssClass property in asp:Button, but those styles are not working. When I use asp:LinkButton those styles are working well.I don't want any themes or skins for styles.

This is my asp page:

<asp:Button CssClass="smallButton" Text="Sign In" runat="server" ID="submit"></asp:Button>

This is my CSS:


When I change asp:Button to asp:LinkButton

<asp:LinkButton Text="Sign In" runat="server" ID="submit" CssClass="smallButton"></asp:LinkButton>


<span class="smallButton"><asp:LinkButton Text="Sign In" runat="server" ID="submit"></asp:LinkButton></span>

styles are working well. Only problem with the asp:Button control

Solution :

I Found the coding...

     //css coding
     //css coding

This is the solution for my issue..... Thanks everyone for the valuable answers.......

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