css 3d perspective not showing up correctly in certain browsers

Tags: css,google-chrome,3d,windows-xp,perspective

Problem :

I have a bunch of images I've set up in css to appear as a 3d stack. It shows up correctly in Safari all the time (pc or mac) but only sometimes in Chrome. I haven't put in the Moz stuff so it certainly won't work there, but I'm aware of that and that's not the issue I'm dealing with. It seems Chrome on Mac (consistently) and on newer PCs works fine, but on my windows XP machine it doesn't work, and it's almost definitely an issue with the perspective property.

I've set up a jsfiddle isolating the section of the page: http://jsfiddle.net/4vXXd/

Here it is in chrome for windows xp with the perspective not working: enter image description here

and in Safari for windows xp working: enter image description here

Any thoughts on how to get this working?

Solution :

Chrome will only render 3D css in true perspective 3D if GPU acceleration is enabled. If it isn't, it will instead use a kind of quasi-3d isometric projection.

To see if your chrome has GPU acceleration enabled, type about:GPU into the address bar and see what it says.

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