JavaScript -Change CSS color for 5 seconds - How to add easing effect?

Tags: javascript,css,jquery-easing

Problem :

With the reference to this question:-

JavaScript -Change CSS color for 5 seconds

Working demo of the answer:-

I need to know how i can add an easing effect to it, so that slowly and slowly color get 100% opaque and similarly get 100% transperent.

Solution :


function makeRGBStr(obj) {
    if (obj.a == null) return "rgb(" + obj.r + "," + obj.g + "," + obj.b + ")";
    else return "rgba(" + obj.r + "," + obj.g + "," + obj.b + "," + obj.a + ")";

window["highlight"] = function(obj, color) {
    var highlightColor = color || {
        "r": 255,
        "g": 0,
        "b": 0

    var orig =;
    var curAlpha = 1; = makeRGBStr(highlightColor);
    setTimeout(function() {
        curAlpha -= 0.1;
        var newColor = highlightColor;
        newColor.a = curAlpha; = makeRGBStr(newColor);

        if (curAlpha <= 0) {
   = orig;
        else {

            setTimeout(arguments.callee, 100);


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