How can I create a pop up like the one Google Calendar uses ?

Tags: javascript,jquery,css,popup,twitter-bootstrap

Problem :

when you click on an empty space in Google Calender in order to add an event or when you click in an already placed event you will get a very nice popup having info about the event (please see attached image).

How can I create a similar pop up windows using CSS and Javascript (I prefer jQuery). I am also using Bootstrap if that helps.

Please notice that the popup position depends on where I will click so let's say that I have an html table and depending on which I will click the popup will be generated near to this position and will point to that specific .

Also notice the close behaviour (close button and if I click out of the popup it will close).

If there are more than one good answers I will accept the simplest one that works with jQuery (and jQuery UI) and Bootstrap - I'd grateful if not other frameworks were used.

Thanks !

Google calendar popup

Solution :

The other answers contained links about tooltips. However, I believe that a dialog component like the jQuery UI dialog would match your requirements better.

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