How to put space between figure in image?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

How can I add some horizontal "padding space" without editing my css file? I have the code below:

<img src="./img/fig.jpg" align="right" style="display:inline;margin:2px;"/>
<div style="text-align:justify;">
Bunch of text.

I've tried specifying style="padding-right: 5px" for the text div or enclosing the img with a div that includes padding, margins, etc. but to no avail - I can see that I can successfully add padding to above and below the text or image with this style specification, but never a space to separate the image and text..

Solution :

If I get it correctly you have an image and a text to the left of it. You want to separate the text and the image with further space. What I suggest is to place an additional margin between them. Do like that:

<img src="./img/fig.jpg" align="right" style="display:inline;margin:2px 2px 2px 5px;"/>

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