How do I load / unload css changes quickly on a plone + Zope site ? (noob)

Tags: css,caching,plone,zope

Problem :

Basically, i'm admin of a plone website and i want to try out changes in the plone.css, plus other stuff in the Base Properties and ploneCustom.css for my additionnal elements.

I want to be able to quickly swicth from my custom css to the default for trying out different versions of plone.css.

What's the best way ? Is it about the cache or should I try CSS Manager type switching ? If so how ?

When I "save" the contents of plone.css or other style properties, it either takes ages to show up or ages to disappear...


Solution :

(follows @aclark 's answer)....or in production mode, Css are all merged in a single big css per performances reasons. There's a little trick to force the css refresh though: just go to Zope Management Interface -> portal_css. Here toggle the selection of any css (just to simulate a change in the configuration) and then at the end of the page click "Save". This makes Zope think that you made some change and it force it to refresh the css digest.

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