How to achieve horizontally centered layout with partially liquid column?

Tags: html,css,layout

Problem :

I have a request to make a HTML/CSS 3-column layout that meets these criteria:

  • middle and right column have a fixed width
  • left column has a max-width
  • the 3 columns are horizontally centered
  • ff the browser's viewport gets shrinked and the left border of the left column touches the left border of the viewport, then, by further shrinking the viewport, the left column starts shrinking in width until width is 0. (like in this example, except for that here the left column also has a min-width).

I could not find such a layout. If it is possible, how do I achieve this? (Telling me, it's not possible, would also earn the checkmark).

Solution :

Here is a guide to responsive layouts and another to some responsive frameworks you might consider using to achieve what you need to.

Generally it's good ettiqute on the stack network to try and create code yourself and then post specific questions if you get stuck.

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