toggle css as well as show/hide jquery

Tags: jquery,css,toggle

Problem :

I've got this bit of code working so that it toggles a show/hide and also changes the CSS elements...

I would like it to change back the :hover state with the toggle. Is that possible?

$("article").click(function () {
       background : 'none',
       border : '1px solid #C7C6C7'

How do I do this? What do I need to change?

I've basically hashed this code together from the docs and online resources. So not sure what to do to get it working right. I'm a little new to jquery.

Solution :

Is that what you want?

var origBg = $("article:hover").css('background');
var origBorder =  $("article:hover").css('border');

$("article").click(function () {
    if ($("article:hover").css('border')==origBorder)
            background : 'none',
            border : '1px solid #C7C6C7'
            background : origBg,
            border : origBorder


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