How to remove vertical scrollbar from iframe inside the page


Problem :

I have following webpage:

<div id = "wrapper">
    <div id="leftmenu>
    <div id="search">
    <div class="Container">
            <div id="content">
                <iframe id="iF" name="if" src=""></iframe>

It bascially shows the menu in the left search bar on top and iframe with content below search bar and next to the menus. Problem i am having is i dont want it to show vertical and horizontal scrollbars inside ifram but rather use browsers scrollbars.

if i set like this in css:


It removes horizontal scrollbar but is not removing vertical scrollbar. Can anyone guide me how to remove this vertical scrollbar from iframe.

Solution :

Try: overflow: hidden; on your iframe.

#content iframe {
    overflow: hidden;

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