How can I float right two span tags on different lines?

Tags: css,css-float,block,html

Problem :

I have three span tags: One is floated left (A) and the other two are floated right (B and C).

Span Tags

However, what I want is to have C positioned below B but both be floated right; that is, on different lines. I tried to use display:block on B, but that didn't seem to help. How can this be done using span tags (not div)?

Here is my css:

#A {

#B {

#C {

Thank you very much.

Solution :

All you have to do is add clear: right to #C.


<div id="container">
    <span id="A">A</span>
    <span id="B">B</span>
    <span id="C">C</span>

#A {
    float: left;
#B {
    float: right;
#C {
    float: right;
    clear: right;

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