How do I use pseudo-classes to select all children except first and last?

Tags: css,css-selectors,pseudo-class

Problem :

In CSS, for the example shown below, how can I make it such that the styles get applied to all paragraphs, except for the first and the last paragraph?

<div class="entry">

I've tried the following to exclude the first paragraph, but that doesn't work:

div.entry p:nth-child(n+1) {
    /* ... */

I've also tried nth-of-type() and not(), but couldn't get them to work the way I thought they would.

Edit: I've decided to wrap all the <p>s which I want to apply the style to in a <div>. I've accepted bozdoz answer, because it came the closest to solving the original problem (even though it solved only half of it).

Solution :

Updated answer:

Use both :not(:first-child) and :not(:last-child)

div.entry p:not(:first-child):not(:last-child)

See updated JSFiddle.

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