How can you stop the screen scrolling from the top of a Phonegap app?

Tags: css,cordova,scroll,zepto

Problem :

I'm currently using Phonegap to develop. It works fine, except there's a small (~1 pixel) bar along the top, touching which will cause the entire application to scroll, which I don't want. Here's what I'm using to prevent the rest of the app from scrolling:

<div id="container" ontouchstart="stopIt(event, true);" ontouchmove="stopIt(event, true);" ontouchend="stopIt(event, false);">

stopIt = function(event, touching)
    //Other code

And the CSS:

#container {

Does anyone know what could be causing this, or how to fix it?

Solution :

I think you're talking about the status bar on the top of an iPhone? Yes that will always scroll to the top, and there is no way to catch this event and stop it from the browser.

You'll need to set the web view's scrollToTop attribute as false from the native side. That should work.

[theWebView setScrollsToTop:NO];

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