How to not send images to mobiles in a semantic manner

Tags: html,css,image,responsive-design

Problem :

Generally when doing responsive / mobile first design we use media queries to send different CSS to different screen sizes.

A good design may include the default (small) resolution not having any images.

This is easy to achieve when using background-image in CSS for your images but I can't imagine how you would achieve this using semantic <img> tags.

  • Can this be done with HTML?
  • Is it acceptable to use CSS for all your images?

Personally I like having no images for my default small screen size, however I find it very ugly to not send any images to the HTML-only version for desktops.

Note: JavaScript solutions are not acceptable.

Reference image

Example image

Solution :

No, it is not normally OK to use CSS for all your images. The image in this case is a piece of data, just like the title and description, and semantically should use <img>. With too loose a definition, you could consider all images as optional and thus render <img> obsolete. "Might not display on all screens" is not a reason not to use an <img> element.

One way to look at it, is CSS background-image is for making elements prettier. The element should still be functional without background-image, just not as pretty. If the element isn't visible because it has no image, it's not a valid element in the first place.

CSS display and positioning properties are for moving stuff around and hiding stuff for different displays.

The proper way to do this is display: none;, assuming most browsers don't download the image. If browser support is weak, resort to a hack, like background-image or even dynamically loading with Javascript.

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