How to override default CSS in cakePHP 1.3?

Tags: css,cakephp,cakephp-1.3

Problem :

I'm running into a bit of a problem with my search plugin CSS. It doesn't apply some of the CSS rules I placed on /plugin/searchable/webroot/css/searchable_style. I think it is being overridden by the cakephp default CSS which I used with my application. Should I edit the generic css for my application or there's a way to bypass the generic CSS then apply what's on /plugin/searchable/webroot/css/searchable_style? I also tried css('/searchable/css/searchable_style'); ?> and put it on every view and it worked but not all.

Thank you, Lyman

Solution :

Place your css file *searchable_style* to webroot/css folder: then use it in app/views/layouts/default.ctp (if you have) OR include this line to your home or landing layout

echo $this->Html->css('/searchable/css/searchable_style');

This will definitely work. but if you rename the plugins folder to plugin as your question, then it will cause problem. Please check all folder naming and retry.

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