How to display a side panel on the left and Google maps api canvas on the right, filling remainder of page?

Tags: javascript,css,google-maps-api-3,position,positioning

Problem :

I need to be able to have a side panel that fills the height of the page on the left and a map filling the rest of the page on the right. I would like the side panel to have a width of 300px, regardless of the size of the browser with the map to the right of it. Also, I am not able to move any of the divs within #panel, they are all just aligned one after the other. Here's my css:

body {margin:0;}
        #panel {height:100%; width:300px; position:absolute; padding:0;background-color:#8C95A0;}
            #div1 {padding:2px; text-align:center}
            #div2 {padding:2px; text-align:center}
            #div3 {padding:2px; text-align:center}
            #div4 {padding:2px; text-align:center}
            #div5 {padding:2px; text-align:center}
                #div5a {padding:2px; text-align:center}
                #div5b {padding:2px; text-align:center}
                #div5c {padding:2px; text-align:center}
            #div6 {padding:2px; bottom:0px; text-align:center}
        #map_canvas {height:100%; width:1200px; left:300px; position:absolute; padding:0;}

How can I make #map_canvas fill the rest of the page and how can I move my divs?

Solution :

I was able to fix the two problems I enquired about in my question. Firstly, I was able to use relative positioning to move my divs around in the side panel instead of absolute. Secondly, I used the following css to make the map fill the rest of the screen, to the right of the side panel:

#map_canvas {height:100%; left:300px; right:0px; position:absolute; padding:0; margin:0;}

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