CSS: How to make a nav menu with a sub nav menu directly below it?

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css

Problem :

I have a menu now, that can be found here... http://jsfiddle.net/EUaNY/

Now I'm wanting to have a sub menu that's the same style as that one, but shows up directly below it with the sub items for that particular link. Note that this menu is centered on my page with margin: 0 auto;, and the width of the page is width: 978px;. You can see this in .header-nav-menu. Sorry if I didn't include something my CSS is pretty basic. If you have any questions or anything I'll be happy to answer! Thanks!

BTW I would rather not use Javascript but if it's necessary that's fine.

Solution :

I'm not sure if you wanted the sub-menu to appear on hover, but it's pretty trivial using straight CSS by adding these 2 classes:

.header-nav-menu li > ul {
    display: none;
    position: absolute;
    width: 100%;
    padding: 4px 0;
    background: #3E0C0D;

.header-nav-menu li:hover > ul {
    display: block;

Here's your updated jsFiddle http://jsfiddle.net/EUaNY/1/

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