How to make a central background over the page in HTML/CSS?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I want to add the content of a page to a part of the background. That is, I want to keep 2 unutilized columns of area on both sides of the main content. Something like this,where you can see 2 unused bluish areas on either sides of the main content. There also is a shadow effect seen. So the main white background area where content is typed must be an image.

How do I achieve these things?

I need to know how I can actually put another sheet over the whole page seen in the screen. (I'm referring to the 2 unused columns in the link ).

Solution :

There also is a shadow effect seen. So the main white background area where content is typed must be an image.

Ummm... no. The shadow can be done using box-shadow on the main area. And you can center the main area using margin: 25px auto;


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