How to make a full page JS and CSS menu

Tags: javascript,html,css,html5,menu

Problem :

To be more specific, how do we create a JavaScript menu with CSS styling that occupies the whole page, but the menu bar will be shown. There will be an icon on the top-left. Upon clicking that icon or symbol, the menu should appear and that image should glow. And after cliking it again, the menu goes away. I tried a lot but failed. I am just 14 year old. Please help me.

If there is something like that already which is open source, please post a link so that I can get on it.

UPDATE: I did it own my own.

Solution :

Try this site here which gives you different menu bars to choose from. all you need to do is download a menu and change the menu details inside the script so that you can change menu names, add more or fewer menu tabs, etc. It uses jquery and contains its own css page which you can manipulate.

In order to hide and show the menu, how about using something like a html tooltip, except for hovering over the button to open/hide the menu, you can set it so that if you click the button, it opens/hide the button ?

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