CSS: how to layout 3 columns, 2 are optional

Tags: css

Problem :

Say I have something like this:

<div id="content">
   <div id="main_content"></div>
   <div id="profile_sidebar"></div>
   <div id="sidebar"></div>

I want the content to appear in the follow order (left to right): profile_sidebar, main_content, sidebar. I'm trying to float:left profile_sidebar and float:right sidebar -- but it's not showing up as I hope.

Also, profile_sidebar and sidebar are both optional. They may not appear on the page.

UPDATE 1: I've updated the content to be like this:

<div id="content">
   <div id="profile_sidebar"></div>
   <div id="main_content"></div>
   <div id="sidebar"></div>

Solution :

I don't believe you can achieve this using just floats without changing the structure, but then it's easy. I imagine that's not an option?

Edit This illustrates jmbertucci's position:absolute work-around, and the potential problem.

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