How should I handle this CSS Inheritance conundrum?

Tags: javascript,css

Problem :

I have a class of images called glyphs that appear through out my site. Once upon a time they were all called just called glyph. They used to only appear in one box. That box was a specific size and I used a javascript method to make sure the text always fit and the glyphs were always about the same height as the rest of the text. This was easy to do and the glyphs started off with a default due to my style sheet.

Now, I've decided to include multiple boxes per page with variable amounts of text. Each box gets sized independently. I've tried delaying the sizing routine, but this is highly reliant on a user's connection speed. If I don't run the sizing routine then things don't look right at all, so I'd at least like to pick a default starting size for everything. Of course, you can't size stuff with javascript until it has been loaded. Snake eats tail.

So basically, now that I have more than one box, each glyph gets a class glyph:1, glyph:2, etc. This number can go as large as the number of user submitted items on my site. How does CSS handle this? These items basically need two class names as far as I can see. But I'm pretty sure that's not allowed.

What I need: Set all images classes that begin with "glyph:" to 1em

This doesn't exist, right? glyph:*

Also, : is probably bad to use in a css class name, huh?

Solution :

Don't use the : symbol. you can have more than one class for an element so do it like so

<div class="glyph glyph-1">Foo</div>
<div class="glyph glyph-2">Foo</div>
<div class="glyph glyph-3">Foo</div>
<div class="glyph glyph-4">Foo</div>

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