How does the arrival of HTML5 and CSS3 affect jQuery?

Tags: jquery,html5,css3

Problem :

About a year ago I picked up my first HTML book (XHTML). I have since built two simple websites with XHTML and CSS. I have also studied the basics of JavaScript.

I now want to learn jQuery.

I am not sure how, if at all, HTML5 and CSS3 make some parts of jQuery redundant - does it?

According to the reviews the best book on jQuery seems to be ‘jQuery in Action’, published 2007.

Do I need to proceed with caution when approaching jQuery, given HTML5 and CSS3? Can someone advise me?

Solution :

No, learning jQuery is still fine and what you learn will continue to work. While many things are possible using CSS3 that jQuery may have been required for before, many still required javascript and others are not implemented in older browsers.

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