How to check if a css rule exists

Tags: javascript,css,dom,cross-browser

Problem :

I need to check if a CSS rule exists because I want to issue some warnings if a CSS file is not included.

What is the best way of doing this?

I could filter through window.document.styleSheets.cssRules, but I'm not sure how cross-browser this is (plus I notice on Stack Overflow that object is null for styleSheet[0]).

I would also like to keep dependencies to a minimum.

Is there a straightforward way to do this? Do I just have to create matching elements and test the effects?

Edit: If not, what are the cross-browser concerns of checking window.document.styleSheets?

Solution :

Here is what I got that works. It's similar to the answers by @Smamatti and @jfriend00 but more fleshed out. I really wish there was a way to test for rules directly but oh well.


.my-css-loaded-marker { 
  z-index: -98256; /*just a random number*/


$(function () { //Must run on jq ready or $('body') might not exist

    var dummyElement = $('<p>')
                  .hide().css({height: 0, width: 0})
                  .appendTo("body");  //Works without this on firefox for some reason

    if (dummyElement.css("z-index") != -98256 && console && console.error) {
        console.error("Could not find my-app.css styles. Application requires my-app.css to be loaded in order to function properly");

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