how scrollable text line inside a div without showing scroll bars

Tags: javascript,html,css,scrollbar,overflow

Problem :

plz see the below link :

Long File Name Inside A Div

when you see those long file names with firebug you will find a span that tell us ->

.FileName {
    float: left;
    width: 438px;

we have predefined width for this span!

q#1 : so why we have overflow in that div and how can i fix that ?

q#2(important) : is it possible to make that file name scrollable without showing scroll bars ?

(with jquery or javascript or css)

thanks in advance

Solution :

If you don't want a scrollbar, but do want to scroll, then the most apparent solution would be to use some javascript. If you're into jquery, here's some:

I've tried one of them (, setting the div containing the text to overflow: hidden; and the div containing the scrollbar to display: none; to mimic your situation, and that gives me a scrollable div with no scrollbar.
However, I think from a UI point of view it's not the best idea to have a scrollable section without a scrollbar. At least something should light up (as with the Mac OS Lion scrollbars) indicating you can, or are, scrolling. You could style one of the javascript solutions out there to make this happen, for instance with a tiny scrollbar or indicator.

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