How to add event handlers to DIVS with CSS classes containing a particular string?

Tags: javascript,jquery,css

Problem :

I want to be able to add some onclick event handlers to some DIV elements which are styled by CSS classes matching a particular string. The DIVS would be for a particular type of image which represents something called a Work Center in Discrete Event Simulation that I want users to be able to click on, change some settings, and run the simulation again.

I'm using a system that was developed ages ago that handles these images like so:

<div id="Decision__1" class="S8DisplayObject Image__for__Decision__1" style="top:35px; left:579px; width:118px; height:71px;"><div id="Decision__1_textData_2" class="S8Web-TextData" style="left:-136px; top:-12px;"><div class="noTextWrap">0</div></div><div class="sb_block_display"></div></div>
<div id="Decision__2" class="S8DisplayObject Image__for__Decision__2" style="top:35px; left:579px; width:118px; height:71px;"><div id="Decision__2_textData_2" class="S8Web-TextData" style="left:-136px; top:-12px;"><div class="noTextWrap">0</div></div><div class="sb_block_display"></div></div>

So it incrementally assigns a number to each class, and in this case, the string I would want to compare would be Image__for__Decision. Unfortunately I can't really delve into how these CSS classes are named, as they are part of a much larger conversion process.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Solution :

You can use the "attribute contains" selector:

$("div[class*='Image__for__Decision']").click(function() {

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