How to scale background image proportionally which is in css background of a div?

Tags: jquery,css,css3

Problem :

How to scale background image proportionally which is in background of a div? I'm not asking background resizing of full <body>background.

In this jsfiddle example you will see that text is re-sizing proportionally when you reszie the browser or js fiddle result window. but in this image is not resizing. and I also want to scale the image like text.

I already know the way to resize the image if use it as <img> in mark-up. but in this question I'm asking about how to resize the image which is in css background

Solution :

try this

<div style="height:100px;width:100px;

<div style="height:100px;width:100px;

working in gecko/webkit/opera and probably newers msie

full documentation at:

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