how to DRY up (remove redundancy) from this css class selector declaration?

Tags: css,optimization,dry,redundancy

Problem :

I have:

    .sketch_img_thumb_box .title{
      opacity: 0.1;
    .sketch_img_thumb_box:hover .title{
      opacity: 1;

    .sketch_img_thumb_box .artist{
      opacity: 0.1;
    .sketch_img_thumb_box:hover .artist{
      opacity: 1;

    .sketch_img_thumb_box .rating_bar {
      opacity: 0.1;
    .sketch_img_thumb_box:hover .rating_bar  {
      opacity: 1;

I took it down to:

  .sketch_img_thumb_box .title, .sketch_img_thumb_box .artist, .sketch_img_thumb_box .rating_bar{
     opacity: 0.1;
  .sketch_img_thumb_box:hover .title, .sketch_img_thumb_box:hover .artist,   .sketch_img_thumb_box:hover .rating_bar{
    opacity: 1;

Can we optimize further?

Solution :

write like this


         opacity: 0.1;
         opacity: 1;


<div class="sketch_img_thumb_box">
  <div class="title"></div>
  <div class="artist"></div>
  <div class="rating_bar"></div>

because if you give opacity the parent then children automatically get the opacity.

check the fiddle

& If there are others children which you didn't want to give opacity then write this:

.sketch_img_thumb_box > *{opacity:0.1;display:inline-block;}
.sketch_img_thumb_box:hover > *{opacity:1}

Check the fiddle

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