How to make existing javascript/css files be compitable in Google Chrome?

Tags: javascript,css,google-chrome

Problem :

We have one existing web application which was running in IE browser. But because of some reasons, now we need install Google Chrome Frame plug-in in IE to make it be running just like in Google Chrome.

So now the biggest problem is that we need find the incompatible javascript and css codes and make it behave the same in google Chrome.

Are there any tools or easier ways to do that?

Solution :

The best thing to do is go through every problem one-by-one and fix it.

The Chrome developer tools (Control+Shift+J) are very good at pointing out various errors and problems.

  • Check the errors showing up in the JavaScript console, to see JavaScript errors, incorrect MIME types, missing files, etc.
  • Use the elements tab and mouse over the DOM to see elements get highlighted on your page. This will help you understand why certain CSS causes things to be placed in unexpected places. You can also change the CSS from here and see your result immediately.
  • The network tab might help you see AJAX requests

There are other tools available, but these will be most useful to you.

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