How to chain multiple -webkit-transition animations in my css without keyframes

Tags: css,animation,css3,webkit,css-animations

Problem :

I'm trying to chain multiple -webkit-transition animations in my css without keyframes.

I know that is possible if I call a keyframe animation, but I just want to overwrite the proprieties and something in this JS doesn't work:

var firstTransition = { '-webkit-transition': 'opacity 1000ms ease-in 1000ms', 'opacity': 1 }
var secondTransition = { '-webkit-transition': 'opacity 1000ms ease-in 1000ms', 'opacity': 0 }



function changeColor(){


Here is the fiddle:

Solution :

In your fiddle the element also gets a visibility:hidden. I think jQuery tries to be smart. Change 0 with 0.01.

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