How to arrange this php if-statement which outputs ratings (good, great, exxelent, etc.)?

Tags: php,css,if-statement

Problem :

I'm using php if-statements to add classes to divs that are related to rating:


.average .rating-result {
    color: #888; /* 0~1 votes */
.good .rating-result {
    color: #9a6e65; /* 2~3 votes */
.great .rating-result {
    color: #aa5443; /* 4~5 votes */
.excellent .rating-result {
    color: #bb3b22; /* 6~7 votes */
.brilliant .rating-result {
    color: #cc2200; /* 8~9 votes */


 <div class="topic-like-count<?php if ( $thumbs_number == 0 || 1 ) {
 echo " good"; } elseif ( $thumbs_number == 2 || 3 ) { echo " great"; }
 elseif ( $thumbs_number == 4 || 5 ) { echo " excellent"; } elseif (
 $thumbs_number > 6 || 7 ) { echo " brilliant"; } else { echo "
 average"; }?>"> h4><?php wp_gdsr_render_article_thumbs(); ?></h4>

OUTPUT example:

<div class="topic-like-count good">
<div style="display: none">UA:D [1.9.10_1130]</div>
<div class="thumblock ">
<span class="rating-result">4</span>
<div class="ratingtext ">
<div class="raterclear"></div>

I'm not sure how to organize the PHP part. Above I discribed the idea but that code doesn't work properly.

Does anyone have any suggestion to arrange these php if-statements?

Solution :

  <div class="topic-like-count
    switch ($thumbs_number) {
      case 0:
      case 1: echo ' good'; break;
      case 2:
      case 3: echo ' great'; break;
      case 4:
      case 5: echo ' excellent'; break;
      case 6:
      case 7: echo ' brilliant'; break;
      default: echo ' average'; break;
  <h4><?php wp_gdsr_render_article_thumbs(); ?></h4>

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