How I can change the CSS properties of HTML elements in run time using JavaScript or PHP?

Tags: php,javascript,css

Problem :

I developed a PHP website which contains php pages. These web pages have header and footer divisions. I put both the Header and Footer divisions in separate php files and I included them using the php include function.

The problem is that I have links to the main menu in the header and the footer php files.

Before using the include function, I used the CSS Class property of the link tag to display the currently selected link in a different format.

<a id="Link_Home" class="current">Home</a>
<a id="Link_AboutUs" >About Us</a>
<a id="Link_Branches" >Branches</a>
<a id="Link_Services" >Services</a>
<a id="Link_ContactUs" >Contact Us</a>

How can I do the same after using the include function?

Should I use JavaScript to pass the id or name of the link to be the current one with that specific format and style? If so, how do I do that?

Is there a way to use PHP directly to change the CSS properties of the HTML elements so that I can modify the class property during run time? How can I do that?

I appreciate your help and thanks in advance.

Solution :

If in php You can write class="current" inside a condition like.

<a id="Link_Home" <?php if($page == 'home'){echo 'class="current"';} ?> >Home</a>

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