How to align a picture,name and the post with css like facebook does?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I am trying to align a full name,picture and the post just like they do in most social networks (linked-in or facebook).But i cant align them the well.Can anybody please try to fill the gaps with necessary css commands?Thank you in advance.

 <span class="picture"> <img src="/assets/images/rails.png"/></span> 
  <a  href="#" class="user-name">user-full-name</a>
 <span class="post"></span>



   .post{     }

Solution :

  display: inline-table;
  position: relative;

is another property you might want to look at ... any element which has both position relative AND inline table .. will be aligned left to right butted up against each other.

so in this example:

<div id="profile_picture" class="inline_table">
<div id="profile_name" class="inline_table">
<div id="profile_post" class="inline_table">

will all be aligned along the same row

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