How to vertically align data in the center of a table cell in HTML?

Tags: html,css,design

Problem :

I have a HTML table with two rows and two cells in each row.
Cell 1 in each row has an img (same in every row)
Cell 2 in each row has some text (different in every cell)

When I load it to server it shows up like the image (cell 1) is aligned to the top and the text (cell2) is lower than the lower edge of an image. Here is the link, so you can check, really sorry, I'm not spamming. Please let me know how to fix this, as I've tried valign property for table, vertical-align CSS property, cellpadding, smaller font, smaller image etc - always get same result.

Solution :

You should make that thing into li's.


<ul class="usps">
  <li>Denver’s Only LOCAL Ad Posting Service.</li>
  <li>Your first week of ad posting is FREE!!!  We are that confident of our ability to post LIVE Ads for your firm!!!</li>


ul.usps { list-style-image: url('checkbox.png'); }

For you question:

That's because you have set the vertical-align wrong (baseline). This alignes the stuff to the baseline of the parent element.

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