How to blink a text on button in IE ,chrome etc using JQuery or CSS

Tags: jquery,css,internet-explorer,cross-browser

Problem :

To blink a text on button in IE, chrome, safari either using css or JQuery


will work in Firefox, not in IE.

Here I want to blink the value of button, not the button entirely.

I am using

    <input id="button12" type="button"  class ="button-click" value="X"> 

Here I want to blink button value 'X' only and button will remains unchanged in blink of value i.e button will not blink.

Solution :

Just for the fun of it, here's one that animates:

setInterval(blink, 710);
function blink() {
    var elm = $("#button12"),
    mycolor = elm.css('color');
    mycolor == 'rgb(0, 0, 0)' ? mycolor='transparent' : mycolor='rgb(0, 0, 0)';
    elm.animate({color: mycolor},300);

With a FIDDLE!


And one that does not animate:

setInterval(blink, 500);
function blink() {
    var elm = $("#button12"),
    myval = elm.val();
    myval == "" ? myval="X" : myval="";

Also with a FIDDLE!

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