how to put an image upon a image in a li which (on hover) changes its z-index

Tags: css,z-index,html-lists

Problem :

I have the following image in a li:

  <ul class="columns">
    <li><a href="some url"><img src="images/layouts/test.png" alt="" /></a> </li>

My css looks like this:

ul.columns li img {
        position: relative;

    ul.columns li:hover img{
        z-index: 999;

What does it do: When I hover my mouse over the image (test.png), the image get's a new z-index. This is needed to keep the image visible (a div is displayed on hover and the image should stay on top of it). This all works great.

Now I want to have a image in the top right corner (displaying an X, so lets call it x.png) over the normal image. How to do this? Making the test.png a background image is not an option. Played around with some classes and z-index but the second image always appears besides the test.png image. I think I do something wrong with the CSS, but I don't know how to z-index the second image in a li

I have this atm:

<ul class="columns">
    <li><a href="some url"><img src="images/layouts/test.png" alt="" /> <img class="x" src="images/x.png" alt="" /></a> </li>


Solution :

try something like

 ul.columns li img,
 ul.columns li {
    position: relative; /* so the close image is relatively 
                           positioned inside <li> */
    z-index : 1;

 ul.columns li img + img {
    position: absolute;
    top     : 0;
    right   : 0;
    display : none;

 ul.columns li:hover img { z-index: 999; }
 ul.columns li:hover img + img  { z-index : 1000; display: block; }

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