How to add TITLE and ALT to an background image (CSS Sprites)?

Tags: html,css,css-sprites

Problem :

In my project I had used CSS sprites as there was lots of images,now our SEO team was saying that images should have ALT and TITLE tag. I know Title & ALT can't be added on the background. So they come up with an idea that put an transparent image in html over those images in background, but it seems very illogical to me(If the image is not relevant with the keyword, then how does it matter). So please help me with this, what is the best practice for this with very logical reason in support of your answer? so I can handle the SEO team.

Solution :

I would say do not use transparent images since earlier versions of IE do not support them nicely. You will see black blocks. But this is avoidable with some javascript hacks.

If they are just background images that don't add to the meaning of the site, keep it as just a background image, but if the image adds meaning to the site you should really use img tags and use alt tags as they suggest. Alt tags help with SEO.

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