How to add javascript expression's output to my CSS?

Tags: javascript,css,less

Problem :

Is there any way to throw a javascript expression's output (which is a series of classes) into the CSS generated by LESS? For example, i want to output:

.grid_1 { .grd(1); } .grid_2 { .grd(2); } .grid_3 { .grd(3); } .grid_4 { .grd(4); } .grid_5 { .grd(5); } .grid_6 { .grd(6); } .grid_7 { .grd(7); } .grid_8 { .grd(8); } .grid_9 { .grd(9); } .grid_10 { .grd(10); } .grid_11 { .grd(11); } .grid_12 { .grd(12); } including this code in LESS:

`(function(b){var a="";for(i=1;i<b;i++)a+=".grid_"+i+" { .grd("+i+"); }\n";return a})(12)`;

Solution :

I do not think this is possible with LESS. The extent of the JavaScript evaluation appears to just work for variables and CSS properties.

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