How to target a braille / screen-reader via CSS

Tags: html,css,accessibility

Problem :

I use a webfont to display some icons on a website. This is fantastic because they scale, and i can print them if i want to... But the problem is that blind people see them as normal letters or characters. The following example returns me a nice Icon + text.

<span>i</span> Info
<span>t</span> Contact

A blind person will just read: iInfo, tContact etc...

Is it possible somehow to target only braille- & screen-readers with CSS?

I found this on the w3 website, but I'm not sure if the work in real live:

Does anyone have any experience with this?


:before & :after -> Some screen-readers such as VoiceOver for MacOS do read the "content" part out loud. I have tested this by my self.

@media braille, speech -> Seams not to have a influence on VoiceOver. It reads whats visible on the screen (tested with safari & chrome)

speak: none; -> has no influence at all on VoiceOver or NVDA (!/jcsteh/status/143848614979055616 )

Solution :

I think there is no "ultimate solution" to this. But you can use the abbr-tag to describe the use of your font-char, therefore most screen-readers will read-out the title-param of abbr and the user gets the meaning of the 'icon-character'.

I'm not 100% sure, but as it seams NVDA, JAWS and VoiceOver for iOS this works — on Mac OS X (unfortunately) not


<abbr title="Attachment Icon">A</abbr>

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